“Today I gained a better understanding of my personal strengths and challenges thanks to Haley! We got cosmic and explored my birth chart. Haley was able to break down each node, aspect , etc. to help me fully understand how to read and use my chart to guide me through life!! I highly recommend sitting down for a one on one with Haley, to help you get to know yourself better!” – Chelsea B., Chicago, Illinois


“I had a wonderful experience with Haley! She was super warm and friendly. I immediately felt comfortable. It was my first astrology chart reading so I was slightly nervous but excited going in. I couldn’t imagine it going better. Haley was very knowledgeable and engaging, always checking in to make sure I was understanding the material. She provided a packet with detailed information. She thoroughly went through the reading, explaining in full detail with short and clearly labeled sections. I was fascinated throughout our whole session. I got goosebumps – the material was spot on! I later digested the material on my own time. If you want to get a better understanding of yourself and your path, I highly recommend Haley.” – Amanda K., San Diego, Calif.


“The session I had with Haley on blacks beach was lovely. I learned so much about my natal chart, and what she told me about myself really resonated. She explained everything from trines, degrees, transits, cusps etc. I honestly go to Haley for anything cosmic, I know so much more about myself now for example how I react to the moon in different signs & how transits affect me. She is a goddess/angel on this earth for real. Sending so much love!” – Danielle S., Barcelona, Spain


“So I’ve taken the past day to really soak up everything we discussed about my birth chart. It was so awesome to have you read me. I thought I was well versed on my chart but you really put things into perspective and helped me hone in on themes in my birth chart. I was the most shocked about the unconventional relationship thing because I had been thinking in weeks leading up that I was most likely to end up in an open marriage situation. I’m super grateful you were able to explain what my grand trines mean how to apply them to my life and where to apply them. Also you finding and discussing my shadow with me was super helpful as I was always feeling lost in that regard of myself. You got it girly. Keep it up” – Shawnte S., San Diego, Calif.