A Pisces Full Moon Message to my Healers

A Pisces Full Moon Message to my Healers

I’m writing this on a night that feels particularly tough. It’s a Pisces full moon conjunct Neptune and this watery energy is bringing up emotions on a collective level. Hurricane Irma is looming. A mad man is running the country. California is in flames. Our society is divided and hate has made its presence known in the United States. Compassionate Pisces full moon energy has us feeling the suffering of humanity. It’s heavy. It feels almost selfish to cultivate any sort of light at the moment.

I’ve known from a young age that this lifetime is meant for me to bring light to others life. It’s such a privilege to make other people happy. Naturally, I’m a joyful, light person so it felt easy, natural and fulfilling to share that with others and radiate it from my soul. Astrology has been a way for me to heal others, connect with them, talk to them about their charts, empower them with their unique strengths + abilities, reassure them that there is an end to the suffering they are experiencing currently.

But nights like tonight, I feel the weight of society and this present day. It’s called for me to write to my fellow healers in case any of you are feeling the same.

Our light, our love and our compassion is needed more than ever in this mad + crazy world. Cultivating our own joy is vital in order for us to spread it. Allow yourself the space to make yourself happy. Turning off the news, putting your cell phone on airplane mode, taking the night to just read is not selfish – for you to continue putting joy into this universe as you’ve been doing, it’s necessary. Do what you need to do to ensure your cup is full enough to give. People need healing and you are capable of giving it – the more you can make yourself happy, the more you can share that. Things are heavy but you need to cultivate your own lightness in the midst of it.

I’m both reinvigorated by our mission and discouraged by the state of affairs. But we need to keep dreaming of a more beautiful tomorrow, need to keep sending love to this universe, need to keep healing all those around us. Let me tell you, there is so much negative energy swirling around right now looking for hosts to invade – do not succumb. Retain your joy at all costs. Find reasons to be grateful. Disconnect as needed.

Look at the Pisces full moon tonight, meditate under it, contemplate why you’re here and how you can inject this world with more love, more compassion and more lightness. It’s worth it. Even just making one person happier, making one person’s day is worth it. Whether you spread your love through astrology, nursing, tarot, making coffee – the modality doesn’t matter. That positive energy you’re sending into the world helps. You can inject love and heart into whatever you’re doing – that’s why you’re here.

Be the light and send love, to others and to yourself. Happy full moon loves.