North Node of Fate Shifts • Align Yourself with the Cosmos

North Node of Fate Shifts • Align Yourself with the Cosmos

Nodes of Fate…you must admit it sounds juicy! On May 9th, the nodes of the moon, also known as Rahu and Ketu, shifted into Leo & Aquarius from their Virgo & Pisces axis. With today’s Leo new moon conjunct the North Node of fate in Leo, it’s a prime time to revisit where our journey is taking us and if we’re on the right path, our soul’s path. We are being called via the North Node, to nudge our souls onward in their soul and to continue growing, to dive in to what Leo represents as a sign and to the house it falls in within our chart.

Why I love astrology is because why would I put all this effort into finding love, or setting up my business, when I know that cosmically, it’ll be more aligned to dedicate time to that in a few months? By syncing with where the stars are nudging you, you can prioritize the areas of life that you will see the greatest value, output & growth. The nodes want us to grow and fulfill our Dreams – so by prioritizing the energetic that they put forth, we can align ourselves with our purpose.

Embracing Leo, Letting Go of Aquarius

This doesn’t mean you should dump your Aquarian boyfriend in search for a lion. Instead, we want to embrace Leo qualities this upcoming year and a half. When North Node was in Virgo, we were content to serve, to work hard, to do what other people wanted us to do. With the Leo North Node, the focus has shifted to the self. Whereas we were happy to take on each freelance gig in addition to our full-time position this past year and a half, now we feel the weight of each moment we’re not doing something we’re passionate about. And it’s heavy.

Leo is heart-ruled, and heart-based. From now until the nodes shift at the end of , we will not feel content unless our heart & soul believes in what we’re doing. Dive in to your creativity, your passions, what makes your heart shine, what differentiates you, the activities where you can freely express yourself. This is a year and a half we should all be selfish – the Leo North Node guarantees diving into our passions is the area in which we will experience the most growth this next year and a half.

The South Node moves into Aquarius, which rules friendships, groups, organizations. Ketu represents some aspect of this should be let go of. This isn’t a time for you to conform to group ideals – this is a time for you to focus on you. This shift has occurred for the universe to nudge us onward, to create a society of individuals who are passionate about what they are doing.

In addition to these Leo / Aquarius energies, we want to look at individually which aspects are calling you where. To find this, look at your chart.

Below is Serena Williams chart. We look for where Leo cusps, in her case this would the 4th house of home, family and emotional stability. This next year and a half the Nodes are urging her to prioritize these aspects – by the look of her pregnancy, it appears she has been. Next we look for which house Aquarius falls in. For Serena, this is her 10th house of career and recognition. In order to fully dive in and accept more responsibility in her home, some element or aspect of home will have to be let go of.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.23.57 AM

Find which house your North Node and South Node falls in and look below. I included the approximate rising that these houses would suggest, but please know it can vary, so I suggest looking it up to ensure accuracy! Contact us if you don’t know where to look, we’re happy to help.


Likely a Leo rising

This year and a half is about you wholeheartedly. 1st house rules your self, your physical self, all the matters of YOU. So, yes, it’s a time to be selfish. You may have been feeling more independent – this is a time when you can rely on yourself. Let that empower you. You can make decisions with more confidence, take risks with abandon, start new projects. Since Leo rules the heart, you’ll be able to put your whole heart into projects – in fact, if your whole heart and passion isn’t in a project, it’s best to let it go. Listen to your heart and follow your heart, without the input of others. You know what’s best for you this year and a half, and it may involve making some decisions that others may not approve it. But it’s not your time to appease people – it’s your time to make yourself happy.

This may indicate you need to prioritize your needs over the needs of your relationship, business partners or clients – because across the chart, your South Node is in the 7th house of relationships. If any sort of contact is no longer serving your growth or is becoming increasingly toxic, sever ties. To have independence, we may need to let go of relationships, business contracts, commitments to some agreement. People could make agreements to you that don’t follow through. People can promise things and not come through. People, in some fashion, could let you down. But it’s only because the focus should (& will) be on you.


Likely a Cancer rising

This year and a half is about the $$$ for you, my dears, but with the expanding nature of the North Node, it indicates that abundance will flow to you easily. However, this is money that you EARN, so don’t go buying lottery tickets, crabs. The 2nd house where we learn about the material plane, but also where we are met with values and self-esteem. It’s your earning abilities, which ties into self-esteem, which is why it’s such a vital detail that it’s money you’re actually earning. Money is just a tangible expression of energy and by accumulating it, it’s a visible sign of our efforts and our power. By putting more commas in your bank account, Cancer, your lesson to learn what a powerful spiritual being you are.

This year and a half represents a time for you to accumulate resources honestly – and tap into what that means to you. Your South Node represents you may need to let go of some help you’ve been receiving, as 8th house rules other people’s money. This is not a time for easy payouts – it’s a time for you to work, to cultivate your own values system and relationship with your possessions. This house rules shared resources, which encompasses everything from taxes, insurances, business mergers. It also can deal with individual transformative aspects – sex, birth, afterlife, intimacy.


Likely a Gemini rising

My dears, the world may be calling to you, causing a “grass is greener” effect. You may be itching to travel, expand your horizons, but with North Node expanding your third house, the greatest opportunity for growth will be in your own background. This house describes the people in your life you don’t choose – siblings, neighbors, those in your immediate surroundings. It’s a time to expand your horizons not in a physical sense of the horizons of your world, of your learning. This house covers logic, manual skills, writing and communication – so it’s a time to learn new things, pick up a new skill and perhaps dive into those surrounding you – they may have a message for you! You’ve never had a problem with mingling, so this year and a half of north node transiting the house your ascendant rules is a time for you to network and socialize with those around you.

You’re all curious beings so the desire to want to travel may be there. But with South Node in your 9th, it indicates that while that trip to Bali may look appealing, your growth is maximized when you focus on the lessons close to home. Rather than diving into higher learning and abstract religious concepts to try and get a shape of your world, your greatest knowledge can be found in your immediate surroundings. Staying in one place does not mean stagnancy – keep growing, keep learning.


Likely an Taurus rising

Fourth house rules your home, family. Fourth house resides at the base of the zodiac as the foundation, so when North Node is expanding that house, you’re diving into your foundation – what makes you you, your emotional stability, your understanding of where you come from. You can’t fully grasp where you’re going (10th house – our most public point on our chart) until we understand where we’ve been.

On the other side of the chart, we have our career house, so you may need to let go of some aspect of your professional life if it’s not on your path. The nature of the south node is that it nudges us away from what is not meant for us and if we don’t listen to the whispers, it takes it. Which may be unsettling at the time, but just know that the universe is simply freeing up your energy for that which IS meant for you – a career or public office in which your heart, your passions and your true energy are on display for those around you to see.


Likely a Aries rising

This upcoming year and a half, it’s important for you to be selfish. Since this emphasizes the natural home of Leo and the natural home of Aquarius, so this emphasizes the natural rulerships of these signs and the self vs. others paradigm. Dive in to what make your heart beat faster, what makes you dazzled just by the opportunity, what gets your heart racing.  The 5th house rules children, so this is an optimal time to conceive or develop a deeper bond with your kids. The north node is inviting you to join the party of the 5th house – have that fling, fall in love, tap into your inner child, paint just for the sake of it, gamble a little. Feel what it feels like to feel alive and live with abandon – without looking to anyone else for approval. It may be a bit reckless but hey – just blame the Nodes! This time of your life should be dedicate to having some fun, making some memories and living in the now.

Across the chart lies our 11th house of groups, organizations, friendships. This is not a time to conform – be true, be you! If any friendship is bogging you down and keeping you from following your passions, you may need to let go of them. The universe will keep you signs that friends aren’t inspiring your higher good – listen. It may indicate a time of separation from friendships – trust that it’s all happening exactly as it should.  Send them love and keep it moving.


Likely a Pisces rising

This is a time when you have enormous growth to be made in your day to day environment. The 12th house that your ascendant rules is calling for you to escape, to retreat into murky waters, to spend your time meditating and isolating yourself, but your greatest growth awaits you in your 6th house. This house deals with your physical limitations – dealing with your life in a very physical sense. This offers an optimal time to dedicate to your health, enact a new diet plan, devote yourself to your workplace.

You’re a spiritual being – but you also live in a material plane. This year is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in reality, figure out how to swim in both the murky expanse of your imagination and this physical world. With that Pisces energy, the urge to retreat is omnipresent. But this is a time for you to root yourself in your present day to day surroundings. Growth can be found for you in habits, exercise, work, diet – dive into ’em fish.


Likely an Aquarius rising

With any placement in Aquarius, that desire to be an individual, to march to the beat of your own drum is palpable. Yet, your greatest growth this year can be found in working and cooperating with others. 7th house rules partnerships of all kinds, business contacts, marriages and one to one consultancy. Serious relationships can be made and maintained at this time, so be open to love! This is a year about communication and compromise.


Likely a Capricorn rising

Capricorns are the CEOs of the zodiac, so it may seem counterintuitive to release an aspect of your resources house. This nodal shift represents a time for you to separate from your materials that may be sucking the life out of you. This is a clean-up of your material world – go through your clothes, sell some possessions that you no longer need nor appreciate, perhaps free yourself from a freelancing gig that isn’t an energetic fit. Let this be a liberating transit for you – you’re freeing yourself from the possessions that are no longer serving you, to clear up so much room for that which does.

This North Node shift is positive for you to receive material support from other people. Rather than aggressively pursuing accumulating wealth and resources (2nd house), this year is about finding way to accumulate more passive income. Eighth house rules investments, taxes, credits, alimonies, so you could see payouts from these arenas as the North Node expands them.


Likely a Sagittarius rising

Expanding your world is no foreign concept to you, Sagittarius risings! This year and a half is the year for your curiosity to run rampant, run free, run wild! Book that trip to Bali, take that class, get that certification, pursue that Master’s degree – the nodes are urging you that your greatest growth can be found in ripping yourself from your comfort zone, letting go of some aspect of your normal day to day surroundings. It’s time for learning & novelty- so take the corners of your world and push them out, whether by geographic, education or spiritual means.

Invest your time in those broad concepts and bold plans, rather than focusing on the day to day interactions of the third house.


Likely a Scorpio rising

That scorpionic nature is a private one, so you may not be thrilled to hear that this year, your greatest growth and greatest opportunity lies for you in your 10th house, the most visible point on your chart. 10th house is what everyone can see- your reputation, your career, your recognition. Dive into these areas – scorpions – fate is urging you to! Take that promotion, start that company. Since the North Node is in Leo, any occupation that doesn’t have your heart in it may feel like its slowly killing you – and this year and a half represents the most opportune time to take a risk in regards with your career. You may feel like all eyes are on our and they kind of are – but the Node will help you shine. Follow your passion and chase your dreams.

With every North Node comes a South Node and South Node in your 4th house indicates a need to let go of some aspect of home. Maybe family matters have been taking too much of your energy and it’s time for you to move away or put some distance in order to dedicate more time to your career. 4th house also indicates your home, so this paradigm could indicate the need to let go of being a homebody, spending lots of time at home – the 210th house is urging for you to make your mark, make some moves professionally.


Likely a Libra rising

While Leo calls us to embrace our heart’s passion, my lovelies, you all are going to do this with others. Perhaps you can unite with others to form a band, a group effort (11th house) of expressing your passion (Leo). This is also the house of social activism, so perhaps you band together with others to create a positive change you wish to see in the world around you. When your heart is it and you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals, there is enormous power. And trust – our world needs it right now.

Not only does this time represent friendship, connecting with others, prioritizing meaningful connections, but this house also represents your social contacts + influence on the public. It represents a wonderful opportunity to work with others. North Node is a point of increase- it manifests what it touches. This year and a half of North Node in your 11th can bring titles, honors, recognitions, in a public, visible way.


Likely a Virgo rising

12th house represents isolation, our private, hidden house, our spirituality.  However, get ready – you’ll feel as though you’re called for a lot of alone time. In fact, being around people can feel absolutely claustophobic! It is a time to isolate yourself but for a higher cause – perhaps choosing to spend your time meditating, tapping into your spirituality.  Your inner world will demand more of the time than the outer, which can be a confusing time for your friends and family, as you may feel the need to isolate yourself. Honor this need. Paying that extra attention into delving more into your spirituality and your connection to the universe will give you a foundation of peace to build upon. Don’t fear being alone- it’s exactly what you need come May.

South Node is in 6th house, which deals with working, habits, health. Your obligation should not be work arrangements and priorities of this physical world. From May onward will call you to find new methods to let go, relax, not trying to fix and control everything. Virgos in particular struggle with us, because we’re perfectionists who want to control and perfect the world around us. This transits call for you to let go a bit, perhaps let go of some work arrangement and trust in your faith.

This next year a half, it’s time for us to tap into our inner lions – let them hear you roar!