The Four Elements in Astrology: How to Balance & Activate the Fire, Water, Air or Earth Energy in Your Natal Chart

The Four Elements in Astrology: How to Balance & Activate the Fire, Water, Air or Earth Energy in Your Natal Chart

The elements in astrology all correspond with the modalities of being, feeling, doing and communicating (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, respectively). If you look at our full natal makeup and notice that an element is imbalanced, it can relate to an energetic imbalance in our lives as well. Our astrology chart is our blueprint, but that doesn’t mean we’re condemned to what it speaks of. You can manipulate your environment to compensate or balance the elements present or absent in your chart.


Cancer • Scorpio • Pisces 

The water elements in astrology is about how we feel, how we intuit, how we energetically move through our lives. In perfect harmony, waters exists as a feeling, intuitive energy. The element of water reminds us to be fluid, go with the flow, be open to the possibilities of dreaming. Having a balanced water energy in our chart helps us be more creative, emphasize for others and get in touch with our emotions.

If we’re in too much of our water space, we’ll feel weighted by others energy, emotionally exhausted, too in the emotive space that we’re not able to be objective or make rational decisions. If we lack water, we’ll come across to others as cold, harsh and have a hard time trusting our intuition.

For Activation / Balance:

  • Take baths
  • Sweat, in a sauna or in a hot yoga class
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat juicy fruits
  • Meditate
  • Consume emotion-based art, music & movies
  • Use an aromatherapy mister, wear cool tones or integrate them in your space
  • Daydream
  • Play oceanic sounds as you meditate
  • Spend time by or swim in a river, pool or ocean


Gemini • Libra • Aquarius

The air elements in astrology refers to the experience of life in a mental / intellectual space. Air is the words we use, the dialogue we engage in, the knowledge we learn. experience of life in a mental / intellectual space When air is balanced, we feel inspired to see the world through new eyes. Air corresponds to thinking, sharing ideas with others. Air infuses us with curiosity and inspires us to converse with others.

If air is lacking, you may feel awkward or uncomfortable around people, feel uninspired or not curious about the world around you or have a difficult time seeing things objectively or rationally. If we’re too in touch with our airy selves, we’ll be scattered, “all of the place,” floaty, anxious, high strung and feel a compulsive need to check emails / texts / social media.

For Activation / Balance:

  • Breathe deeply
  • Fly a kite
  • Blow out a candle
  • Get in touch with your words – call up your grandmother for a chat, write someone a letter or keep a journal
  • Listen to calming music without words
  • Get off social media, stop browsing Safari – turn off your phone for a full hour
  • Cut back on caffeine
  • Listen to grounding guided meditations
  • Pick up a new skill
  • Read
  • Set up wind chimes in your garden or by your bedside window
  • Take a hike to the top of a moutnain
  • Practice chants
  • Sing out loud to yourself


Taurus • Virgo • Capricorn

The Earth elements in astrology corresponds with our ability to feel grounded, to provide for ourselves, to take care of our physical vessels. Connecting with the physical element of Earth can help us feel more competent, feel more connected to our bodies & revel in the sensual experiences of being a human being and having a human body. relates with our ability to feel grounded, our maintenance of our physical vessel, the way we are able to provide for ourselves. When we’re in balance with Earth, we feel connected to this planet and its creations, in touch with the natural abundance of nature and in the flow to spend and receive money.

Lacking Earth in our natal chart indicates a disposition to have a difficult relationship with money. Because Earth signifies our ability to feel grounded, these natives often experience an inability to hold onto money OR obsessively hoarding / worrying about money as a means to feel safe.

For Activation / Balance:

  • Walk barefoot in the grass
  • Meditate in a park
  • Go for a hike
  • Actually physically hug a tree – imagine your auric field combining with its as you do
  • Invest in plants for your home
  • Eat vegetables
  • Massage someone
  • Garden
  • Get enough sleep
  • Set goals
  • Budget
  • Lightly exercise – a jog or yoga


Aries • Leo • Sagittarius

The fire elements in astrology is our spark plug, the element that helps us get out of bed with zest and vigor. We need fire for its inspiration, its motivation. The fire that burns within a natal chart gives us the energy to go after what we want. Fire is our inspiration, motivation, courage to act on impulses, feel passionate and as a catalyst for others, overcome stagnation. If the fire element in our chart is overignited, we may be impulsive, reckless, do things without thinking them through, be too brash or egotistical. If we lack this in our chart, we often times try to compensate via stimulants. If we lack fire in our charts, we may be slow to take action, cowardly, lazy, depressed, bored, dependent on caffeine for energy

For Activation / Balance:

  • Intense exercise
  • Dance
  • Spending time in the heat / sun
  • Take a step towards your dream. Fire is all about ACTION, about doing things in the world that even if they aren’t necessarily successfully, are putting us closer to where we be. There’s power in every decision.
  • Burn candles
  • Running
  • Hot yoga
  • Create something! Anything – take a photo, write a poem, make a little music video
  • Use candles
  • Have a bonfire or a campfire
  • Laugh, be silly, spend time with people who inspire you
  • Wear warmer colors – red, oranges, yellows, greens

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