Eclipse Season Survival Guide: August 2017

Eclipse Season Survival Guide: August 2017

If you’ve asked any astrologer about August’s eclipse season this year, they’ll all shudder. It’s an intense month, especially for the United States, which is why you’ve heard so many mutters of the “Great American Eclipse.” While this energy is potent, by grounding ourselves and tuning in to self care practices, we can prepare for the transformation that is taking place.

This eclipse has caused much stir due to its implications upon the United States in particular. August 21’s Leo solar eclipse is intrinsically connected with the United States and Donald Trump. The astrologers who predicted Trump’s win used this very eclipse as their marker – it is very much possible that we manifested him as a leader in order to act as a catalyst for August’s change to take place. Change can and will be enacted after this eclipse. With the eclipse falling on 29 degrees Leo, within one degree of his 28 degree ascendant, it’s why he was elected in the first place – to serve as an impetus for the changes that will take place.

Leo is connected with royalty – they’re the kings and the queens of the zodiac. So the Leo energy with this eclipse very much questions power structure, control and who has that power. Where the eclipse overlaps becomes center of transformation, and the Great American Eclipse makes its way right over the United States, cutting the US in half. Appropriate, considering things have been feeling more and more polarizing between different parties, different view points and different parts of the country.


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Each eclipse is either conjunct with Rahu (North Node) or Ketu (South Node), which are different ends of a dragon trying to eat the sun and the moon (for more information on the mythology, click here – it’s a wild story and will help you understand why eclipses are so wild!).

Both can bring sudden endings and changes, but this new moon unites with Rahu, the North Node, which is an energy that carries implications of where we are going, where our heart’s path lies, where our fate is. This is a time we are called to do the inner work to make the outer world better. The North Node infusion with this eclipse will help the energy be constructive for a REASON – for building a better world, for creating a more aligned state of being, for following our passion.

Reveals will be made on the Aquarius full moon August 7 – emotional reveals, sudden insights, surprising news. Then the newness, the where we’re going, is invited in on the Leo new moon August 21.

Transformation is coming – you can feel it in the air. You can feel it in your body. You can feel the frequency picking up, things getting more hectic. All this energy is flying all around every which way. Transformation is needed & change is needed, so be mindful of taking care of you and all that is you.

Here are my tips for staying in your light this month:

Don’t hold onto anything too tightly. Let it go, let it flow.

Know what happens when we try to plan? Life literally gives us a BITCH U THOUGHT. We’re in a transformative time, so when something is taken from you, try to be graceful in the release. These eclipses are touching the Nodes of Fate- the evolutionary paths our souls came here to take. Eclipses can be a time of cosmic wakeups if we are not on that path. Trust that the changes are for your highest good. Stay grateful in the highs and graceful in the lows – and trust. Always trust.

Prepare for More Sensitivity

As you purify your inner world and deal with whatever revelations come up for you this eclipse season, you begin to want to purify your outer world as well. With heightened spiritual awareness comes awareness in our external world of that which is unpure or harsh. Your body is a trustworthy instrument of measurement of your tolerance level. Steer clear of that which your body wishes to avoid – noises, foods, chemicals, people. You may feel the urge to stop reading the news, cultivate more silence in your day to day life, infuse more essential oils into your beauty routine rather than chemical-laden perfumes, stop eating meat or dairy, whatever your intuition guides you towards. Listen to these inner stirrings and implement them to ensure you aren’t subjecting your body, mind and spirit to sensory overload.

Believe What Comes Up

Full moons bring things to light. Eclipses force us to face them. Believe what comes up. Listen to what is downloaded in. If someone shows you who they are, believe them. If you a “random” inclination bubbles up during meditation, investigate that. If a scandal comes to light, look for validity in it.  With eclipses, there’s nowhere to hide – and to alchemize the dark to light, we must first face it.

Stay Away from Drugs & Alcohol

Clarity is the essence here. Because it’s such a powerful portal, we want our minds to stay as sharp and as active as possible. Drugs and alcohol can numb us, with this eclipse season is a powerful time of revelations and discoveries, in our inner worlds and outer. Eclipses set a precedent for years to come, so if we’re out of our minds for it, it can keep us in a foggy, hazy state of mind. It may be tempting to disengage via substances because the energy is so heavy – but to face your inner demons, shine light on your shadow, dig up that darkness for the purpose of transmutation, you’ll want to stay rooted in reality.

Be Prepared to End Things

There’s a relationship infused with the Aquarius lunar eclipse on August 7, as it trines Jupiter in Libra. Aquarius rules friendships and Libra rules relationships, so human connections with friends and lovers are amplified. This is a positive time to connect with others…so long as they energize you and inspire you.

The heaviness in the energy right now requires that the relationships with those you spend time with stay light and fun – no need for the drama when there are so many other matters to attend to. Since Aquarius is on the South Node of what we’re releasing, you may get reveals that some of the friendships or groups in your life are not serving your highest good. If you find yourself drained after spending time with your friends or a group of people, you have the sovereignty to protect your energy from that. Pay attention to what comes up and how you feel around those you spend time with this eclipse season.

Tap into Your Light

Use this time to cultivate positivity, love + light. There’s a lot of low vibrational energy that needs hosts so every temptation will be there for you to give in to lower level, base instincts. That dark energy needs hosts, and there’s plenty of them. Don’t allow yourself near it, don’t allow yourself to become it.

Tap into your inner child’s view of viewing the world – as a playground, not a prison. When’s the last time you really truly PLAYED? When’s the last time you created something just for its own sake? The Leo energy is asking us to have some fun, paint even if it looks awful, write a song even if you think you can’t, swing on the monkey bars even though you’re too old to be doing that – don’t let life pass you by without having fun during it. No need for everything to get so *serious* – stay in your light. Create. Laugh freely. Spend an afternoon cloud gazing. Make up ridiculous stories with your friends.

Remember You’re Here for a Reason

You chose this lifetime to be incarnated. What legacy will you leave? How will you contribute to make our world happier, healthier, more loving? With the state of affairs, it’s easy to sink into a lethargic depression – remember out of all the lifetimes, you chose to be the person you are during this pivotal time in history. What is your role here? How can you be the authentic person you were meant to be? What needs to be released for you to get there? The Leo (self, heart) and Aquarius (friends) axis is asking us to examine who we are, what makes us unique and what makes us shine.


With eclipses, the downloads are coming through fast + furious…but have you cleared up the space energetically to truly hear these insights? Free up time in your schedule to commune with yourself.

Clear space in your daily routine this eclipse season. Put your phone in a different room when you sleep, buy an alarm clock to wake you up so you can ensure you sit on the ground and meditate before doing anything else. Easing into your day with social media can invite all sorts of lower energies in, when your focus should be on clearing your mind. We often take shows to clean off the physical dirt + grime of the day, but what about the mental? Make entering each day with a fresh, crisp state of mind a priority. Aim for fifteen minutes in the morning and night – and journal how the courses of your day go.

Show Love

Even if it’s hard. Even if you don’t think they deserve it. Being “petty” is just putting out negative energy that returns to you. Show the love that you want to be – everything you give is given back in tenfold. If you can’t show love and uplift a person, just put your energy elsewhere.

The lunar eclipse on August 7 is in Aquarius, a sign that mostly has to deal with friendships, groups, organizations. Connect with others, show them love, show them gratitude. Be that bright spark of light in their day – we don’t realize how others may be shrouded in darkness. The full moon is emotional so others could really need a friend at this time – perhaps you’re the one who needs a friend at this time.  Human connection is why we’re here, so surround yourself with the true people in your life.

Spend Time in the Sun

Let the warmth warm your skin, warm your mind! North Node is asking us to pay attention to Leo energy, what makes us inspired, what lights our fire, what brings our joy. Spending time in the sun can help bring that lightness to our souls and  our minds.

Look at Your Leo House – and Visit That House

Where does Leo fall on your chart? Dive in to the activities that Leo house represents – not only is growth waiting for you there, but peace of mind during this intense eclipse season.

Ground Yourself

With all this energy flying every which way this eclipse season, make sure to clear space for yourself and spend time with the only perfect thing in this world – nature. Walk barefoot in the Earth, feel the comforting pull of the ground beneath your feet. Hug a tree and visualize your energies melding together. Float in the ocean. Clear space and time to spend time with nature, because its perfect vibration will help lift yours.

More anything this eclipse season, cultivate that which spiritually and personally grounds you. Here are some activities to give you some ideas of lifting your vibration and connecting with the universe:

  • Journal
  • Read positive, empowering books (I’m loving Four Agreements, Cry Hope and Journey to Power currently!)
  • Wear an essential oil blend designed to calm the energy of the eclipses. The AstroGoddess eclipse season essential oil was crafted with patchouli, lavender & bergamot, all calming, grounding scents to help you stay calm + centered during all the unrest.
  • Study astrology as a form to better know yourself and prepare for energies to come
  • Listen to spiritual podcasts or Youtube channels (I like listening to Abraham Hicks!)
  • Sleep with biurnal beats
  • Meditate
  • Use oracle cards
  • Practice yoga
  • Recite mantras
  • Read affirmations aloud
  • Make it a point to watch sunsets and sunrises
  • Paint, write, make music, dance
  • Exercise

Blame it on “Eclipse Head”

There’s a lot of intense energy flying all around for eclipse season, which can muddle and confuse our thinking. Eclipse season creates this sense of panic, of urgency, as though we must take action RIGHT away. You may be feeling unbelievable pressure to change your housing situation, end a relationship, start a new venture. The intensity is making the frequency of life vibrate at a much higher frequency, but it’s best to wait for the energy to cool until after the Great American Eclipse on August 21. You’re not thinking clearly. You have eclipse head. Let issues go, blame them on eclipse season and keep it going until you’re sure the action is for your highest good.

Mercury Retrograde is also a factor for our eclipse head. This Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is a major player for the August 21 eclipse, so expect communication snafus to come up. Clarify everything to ensure you understand before reacting. Double check everything. Don’t assume anything.

Stay strong, wishing you all love & light.