Cancer New Moon • Healing Your Past, Manifesting Your Future

Cancer New Moon • Healing Your Past, Manifesting Your Future

Cancer New Moon is a time for manifestation, for planting new seeds, but today’s energy also embraces themes of clearing out past hurts to make room for the newness to enter our life.

With any planet in Cancer, there’s an emotional energy to it – Cancer is the sign that rules the fourth house, which is the base of our zodiac wheel. In order for us to build up, cultivate our outer worlds on the material and relational planes, we need a solid foundation on which to build. This house rules our emotional state, our foundations, our home, our family – all of the things that make us, on an intrinsic level.

With so many planets in Cancer joining the Cancer new moon, there is an emphasis on our emotional state, so heaviness from your past may be bubbling to the surface. Let it. Acknowledge it. Heal it. Then release that stagnant energy. Everything you hold on to takes up space and for us to realize our Dreams, we need to clear it out.

Cancer is our inner child, the four year old self that lives each and every one of us, the one who may be clinging to past hurts. This new moon is making an aspect to Chiron, which is at 28 degrees Pisces, almost through with its transit. Chiron is the wounded healer so this energy emphasizes that within us needs to healed. This energy is a withdrawn, very internal, very deep one – but necessary for us to cultivate those bright, beautiful Dreams that dazzle us and dizzy us.

With Neptune Retrograde, our dreams are speaking to us, bringing up insights + inspiration. I had a dream last night about writing, that I was looking at a young girl try to write but she kept getting distracted by other things – toys, people pulling her away. At the end of the dream, that curly-haired girl turned around and made eye contact with me – it was a little me. My inner child, the child that still lives within me and all of us, is hurting because I’m not prioritizing my own Dreams, when all I’ve really ever wanted to do is write.

Today, honor your inner child – laugh, play, love. Write down your Dreams as affirmations, make the room in your life for them to come true – because they will. Be specific. Keep them heart-based, perhaps reflecting Cancer themes (home, family, emotions, etc) or themes within the house cusp in which Cancer falls.

Wishing you all a magical Cancer new moon & sending you so much love if you’re clearing out past emotional baggage. RELEASE + MANIFEST.

Cancer New Moon Tips

  • Drink lots of water. With all these water planets in the sky, hydration is more important than ever.
  • Center yourself with an AstroGoddess Cancer essential oil blend or bath bomb – made with rose (which opens / heals the heart), lavender (relaxes) and frankincense (inspires, grounds spiritually)
  • You may feel the random urge to cry. Let yourself! Gotta feel it to heal it.
  • Set your intentions after 7:31pm, 10:31pm on 6/23. The time before this is still the dark moon phase, so it’s time to clear out past baggage, then as soon as the new moon hits, time to manifest.
  • P L A Y! Be childlike, be silly, honor that inner child within you.
  • If you get overwhelmed, take a bath or spend time beside water.