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Get cosmic with Haley Comet Astrology! Whether you’re interested in getting your birth chart done in San Diego, Calif. or interested in a distance reading or report, Haley would love to help you grasp the complexities of your own natal chart. Distance consultations are available by call, Skype or other video call (like Facebook Facetime)

Natal Chart Report • Digital PDF

Get a full, comprehensive report of your birth chart from Haley Comet, sent to your email. Chart will outlining themes playing out within your chart, karmic implications, planet positions with house modifications + aspects. The detailed 15-page PDF will be yours to keep and will be provided two weeks from the date of payment.


Natal Chart Consultation 60-75 Minutes •  Call, Skype or in San Diego, Calif.

With this customizable experience, you can tailor your reading to what you’d most like to know about your particular planetary makeup. Haley Comet begins by giving you an overview of themes, lessons and karmic implications of your chart as a whole, the story she sees being told amongst your planets. From there, your chart will be analyzed for financial, romantic + professional implications, finding where your maximum potential will be based on planetary positions, house rulers and aspects. You are welcome to request certain topics or questions be explored throughout your session.


Synastry Report • Digital PDF

Want to know if you and your beloved are star-crossed lovers? Order a couples report from Haley Comet, where your composite chart and synastry charts will be analyzed to imply overall compatibility, issues that may come up and karmic implications.  The 10-page PDF is yours to keep and will be sent to your email two weeks after payment is received.


Synastry Consultation • 30 minutes • Call, Skype or in San Diego, Calif.

Let’s talk it out – is he / she the one, or the one who’s meant to come in your life to accelerate your growth? How our planets fall on our beloved or in the composite can reveal what lessons are meant to be learned in this relationship, what role each partner plays and whether this is an overall compatible match. In this format, you’ll be able to ask questions regarding your relationship and hear the cosmic explanation for issues you may be encountering.



Ready to understand how you can live your best life, by embracing the destiny that lies in your stars? Email to book your remote astrology consultation, digital astrology report or San Diego astrology reading!

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