About Haley Comet Astrology

My name is Haley Comet and I live in San Diego, Calif., where I play under the sun, splash around in the Pacific Ocean, practice yoga and study stars. I was born at the peak of the full moon, which really set the tone for my mystical life. I’m an ethereal, dreamy Pisces with a Virgo moon that keeps me sharp, analytical and curious. My sixth house stellium is the mark of a healer – my chart tells the story of a girl who was put here to spread as much light and love to others.

I’ve always been enraptured by astrology and I began formally studying this ancient art four years ago. I am a Western astrologer, I utilize the Placidus system and I use ptolemaic aspects. I am a member of San Diego Astrological Society. 

As a light worker, my main goal is to inspire others to heal and spread love. Astrology is not only a modality that I’m passionate about and a language that comes quite naturally to me, but it’s a study that gave me so much peace during a trying time.

Whether it’s diving into your natal chart to facilitate a deeper, more compassionate view of self or looking ahead to transits to best harness the energy, astrology can help you cultivate an inner stillness, provide clarity on your life’s journey and empower you to go do what you were put here to do. I’d be so honored to tell you the story I see in your chart, transits or synastry chart with a lover, either via consultation, report or even a yoga session – let’s talk stars!